Women painting Women

Opening this Saturday 30 May, 'Women painting Women' promises to be a captivating exhibition, one that sheds light on the talent of contemporary Australian female artists and their subjects.

Curated by JD Mittmann, the exhibition is made of seven Australian women artists, including Fiona Bilbrough, Jacqui Grantford, Raelene Sharp, Sally Ryan, Vicki Sullivan, Avril Thomas and Heather Ellis, who were selected for their prominence in realist painting and sculpture. “We are delighted to announce a stellar line-up of highly skilled painters, bringing together selected works of prominent women in various professions”, stated Mittmann.

Whilst the reality of underrepresentation of female artists in Australian in not a new one, the concept was drawn from the success of the Women painting Women exhibitions in the United States.  The aim is to proactively provide platforms for and champion the talents of contemporary realist painting by female artists. Looking at the positive reception overseas, artist Vicki Sullivan added, “it will be great to see a similar renaissance of traditional oil painting here, like we see in the United States”.

Further propelling the prospective success of the show is the combination of sophisticated realist painters, and their impressive selection of subjects. It isn’t hard to imagine the glow of admiration between the painters in their depictions of well-known Australians, including Nobel Prize Nominee Catherine Hamlin, actors Kerri Armstrong and Jacki Weaver, and opera singer Liane Keegan. Integrated throughout this are also self-portraits of the artists, promising a show that exudes the strength and talent amongst Australian women.

Although traditional practices such as realist oil painting and bronze sculpture have been dominated by men in art history, the exhibition champions the contemporary female gaze. The selected artists owe their distinction to a mutual prevaling passion to develop and uphold realism and traditional methods.

Overdue and a definitely much needed insight, Women painting Women presents traditional art from the refreshingly contemporary, female gaze.

Women painting Women

30 April – 29 May
Burrinja gallery, Upwey

Courtesy the artists and Burrinja gallery

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