Geoff Todd |Beautiful Beasts

An artist who has long been intrigued with mythological creatures, and their presence across several cultures, Geoff Todd presents Beautiful Beasts, opening this Friday night 4 March at Mitchell Fine Art.

Hardly an exhibition that has been thrown together, Beautiful Beasts is a body of work that is a product of time and contemplation. A concept conceived over thirty years, Todd has long researched the mythological creatures and their rich and vast histories.

Exploring the images and legends of mythological creatures that have long held the attention and wonder of man. Beautiful Beasts explores how they have morphed into something far departed from their original incarnation, revealing both the adulations and misconceptions of the creatures.

Speaking of the drive behind his latest body of work, Todd stated, “An artist often draws inspiration from those less fortunate, down trodden, misrepresented or abused”.

Thus Beautiful Beasts attempts to address and examine the misinformation that has resulted in the demonization and misconceptions around these creatures. Whilst ancient or mythological in context and subject, Todd’s body of work draws recreates the epic history for a contemporary audience.

It is this attention to research and detail that results in a rich and varied exhibition, with the familiar and strange images that have permeated out imaginations taking centre stage to shock and awe.

An expansive body of work, Beautiful Beasts ranges from scenes to portraits to culminate in an engaging show. Alongside of this, Todd has published a hard cover edition of Beautiful Beasts, which further explores his life time preoccupation to say the least of this mythological wonder.

Whether you are an avid mythological fan yourself, or not, Beautiful Beasts will draw you into the worlds of the mythological and the lessons we can draw from their stories.

Beautiful Beasts
2 March – 2 April
Mitchell Fine Art

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