Flair and fashion at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

After last year’s success the UFLA YUMPA (You Fella You People) fashion performance is back, adding glamour and sophistication to the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair on Friday 25 July.


Exposing the sheer talent of northern Australia’s Indigenous designers and textile artists, the show is a performance of art and culture, with cultural stories told in a series of inspired fashion collections.

CIAF’s CEO, Alison Copley remarked upon the unique nature of the fashion show stating, “While art and fashion have always been intrinsically linked, it will be cultural connections to land and sea along with choreographed music and dance that will make UFLA YUMPLA a truly magical event.”

Directed by Grace Lillian Lee, the show is modelled upon Lee’s highly acclaimed inaugural performance at the 2013 CIAF Presents.

Lee commented, “this year I am collaborating with Rita Price who is brilliant at movement. Rita will be mentoring the models. We are hoping to create a rich showcase that highlights the natural beauty of the women in Far north Queensland while shining the spotlight the talent in design which we have here.”

Set in the spacious Shed 2 of Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, the 2014 show is set to expand upon last year’s inaugural exposition.

A platform for contemporary Indigenous designers, it is an impressive performance of texture, colour, form and movement.

“The performance is a beautiful way to encourage, inspire and take people on a journey of this new dialogue that we are sharing” says Lee.

Apart of the fifth annual CIAF, it is a landmark event that celebrates Queensland’s impressive and rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture.

$35.00 per person, includes drink on arrival and light refreshments pre show.

Tickets are available from TicketLink

Friday 25 July
8 – 10pm
Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal – Shed 2
UFLA YUMPA (You Fella You People)


Image courtesy the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

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