Primavera 2018

Congratulations to this year’s artists selected to take part in the 27th annual ‘Primavera: Young Australian Artists’ show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA).

The Primavera 2018 artists are: Hoda Afshar (VIC), Caroline Garcia (NSW), Hayley Millar-Baker (VIC), Spence Messih (NSW), Phuong Ngo (VIC), Jason Phu (NSW), Ryan Presley (QLD), and Andrew Tenison (ACT).

Profiling eight artists aged 35 years and under from the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, Primavera 2018 showcases the work of exceptional Australian artists at the early stages of their careers. Curated by Megan Robson, the exhibition asks why ‘is identity important today?’ Traversing archival materials, installation, painting, performance, photography, sculpture and video, the works explore the politics of identity, visibility and representation. Robson comments, ‘The artists in this year’s Primavera exhibition employ a range of different methodologies including abstraction, collection, fiction, humour and performativity, amongst others, to explore and engage in wider discussions around culture, media, history and politics.’ Drawing on personal experiences, invisible histories, post-colonial and queer theory, and technology, the participating artists consider the shifting, manifold nature of identity.

Primavera 2018: Young Australian Artists
9 November 2018 – 3 February 2019
Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney


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