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Lucy Culliton is regarded as one of Australia’s best living landscape and still life painters. We visit her country home and studio to see her inspiration first hand and experience her life on the land. Also, an exclusive interview with Head On Photo Festival director about the exhibition highlights in this year’s program.

Cover Feature

Lucy Culliton by Owen Craven


NAVA online forum
Interview with Brianna Munting


Head On Photo Festival – Interview with Moshe Rosenzveig


Darren McDonald by Melissa Pesa
David Ralph by Bridget Macleod
Robert Jacks by Ken McGregor [see correction note below]
Karen Black by Gillian Wills
Frank Littler by Sonia Legge
Liz Thompson by Gregory O’Brien
Paula do Prado by Anna Madeline


Anselm Kiefer by Doug Purnell
Art & Dance by Sarah Vandepeer
Simone Fraser by Merran Esson
Postcards by Tom Carment
Process: William Breen
Process: Julie Poulson
Process: Paul White
Book Reviews
Preview: George Baldessari
Preview: Rupert Betheras
Preview: Dorrit Black
View Australia
Discovery: Claire Pendrigh

CORRECTION: The profile on Robert Jacks (pp. 66-72) contained a number of errors, including incorrect attribution, plagiarism and copyright infringement. The text was prepared by our editorial staff, reproducing extensive passages of Ken McGregor’s previously published work on the artist, without appropriate acknowledgement of the original sources. A significant extract of a catalogue essay by Peter Anderson was reproduced within the text we published, without any acknowledgement or authorisation. The profile was also incorrectly attributed to Inga Walton on the contents page. The failure to properly acknowledge the sources of the material we published lies entirely with our editorial staff. Permissions for image reproduction were not duly sought and the profile prepared without consultation with Robert Jacks. The profile omitted to list Karen Woodbury Gallery as the artist’s representative. Artist Profile regrets these errors, which are not up to our regular editorial standards and we apologise unreservedly to all parties involved.

Click here for an extended note clarifying the details surrounding the errors in this article.

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