Art Stage Singapore

The third edition of Art Stage Singapore took place at the end of last week and featured some 131 galleries from around the world, with 12 of those from Australia. The fair, which ran for 4 days, from 24-27 February, focused strongly on the Asia Pacific region and included an Indonesian Pavilion’s – something of the fair’s flagship feature.

On the ground accounts from participating galleries was positive – from strong sales to new collectors, to the overall operations and management of the fair, Coming off the back of a commercial tough 2012, Fair Director, Lorenzo Rudolf, said in a statement that “Art Stage Singapore has made a great start to 2013”. This seems to be the case, given attendance records clocked up some 40,500 visitors attending the fair over the 4 days – a new high for this new fair.

On top of a busy program of public events, lectures and performances, the fair hosted a 32 Project Spaces – a curated platform dedicated to young cutting edge artists and interesting galleries emerging on the Asia Pacific art scene. A good number of Australian galleries were selected for this exciting initiative: Anna Pappas Gallery presented Sue Dodd with Kim Donaldson; Catherine Asquith Gallery featured Melanie Fitzmaurice; Helen Gory Galerie showed Kate Tucker; James Dorahy Project Space installed Sherna Teperson; Sullivan+Strumpf exhibited Sam Jinks; and Utopian Slumps displayed William Mackinnon.

Other Austrlaian Galleries included: Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Chalk Horse, Diane Tanzer Gallery + Projects, Gallery Ecosse, Greenaway Art Gallery, and Mossenson Galleries.

Visit the Artist Profile Instagram feed for image highlight taken at the fair.

Visit the website to see exhibiting galleries and program highlights: artstagesingapore.com

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