Not the Way Home

The group of artists departing Sydney for Fowlers Gap.

The group of artists departing Sydney for Fowlers Gap.

Not the Way Home, ARTIST PROFILE’s latest artist expedition project, is currently underway. We’re based out at the UNSW’s Arid Zone Research Station, Fowlers Gap, with 13 prominent Australian artists. We’ve asked each of them to explore the the landscape and respond in their own, unique way.

For some, comfortable in their urban surrounds, being in the outback is exposing them to new sights, light and texture; others are basking in a well known space. Whatever the case, the project is seeing each of them work within a community of like-minded people.

ABC Open, a new initiative, is joining artist profile and aiding the artists document their experience. Stay tuned through the project’s blog.

Artists include – Idris Murphy, Alan Jones, Peter Sharp, Steve Lopes, Amanda Penrose-Hart, Jennifier Keeler-Milne, Ross Laurie, Joe Frost, Margaret Ackland, Euan Macleod, Merran Esson, Guy Warren, and Elisabeth Cummings.

Proudly sponsored by Winsor & Newton, Not the Way Home will culminate in an exhibition opening at Sydney’s SH Ervin Gallery in May, 2012 and will feature in future issues of ARTIST PROFILE.


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