Finalists Pack in to the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman

After the usual social media circus that follows the entries to the Archibald, Sulman and Wynne Prizes, the finalists have been selected and their glowing subjects hung.

First off the bat is the Packing Room Prize, with Adelaide-born Melbourne artist Betina Fauvel-Ogden winning with her first entry into the Archibald – a portrait of renowned chef, restaurateur and MasterChef Australia judge, George Calombaris. The head of the Art Gallery of New South Wales packing room, Steve Peters, who holds 51% of the vote, stated “It is a very strong portrait. George Calombaris is looking directly at you. He means business,”. Though he addressed another factor influencing his decision, adding, “I’m hoping George will cook me a burger next time I am in Melbourne.”

The winners of the Archibald, Wynne and Sir John Sulman Prizes will be announced 15 July.

With over 830 entries, 51 finalists were selected in the Archibald Prize. The full finalist list can be viewed here.

The Wynne Prize followed closely behind with 710 entries, and 34 finalists, see here for the works.

The Sulman Prize selected 25 finalists from the 533 entries.

Lucy Cullitan has hit the trifecta, being selected in all three prizes, and double ups occurred with seven artists as finalists in two prizes: Heidi Yardley, Nicholas Harding, Guy Maestri, Belynda Henry and Imants Tillers (Archibald and Wynne); Marc Etherington and Abdul Abdullah (Archibald and Sulman).

If you find it hard to put the name to the face, 3 finalists Ken Done (Wynne), Luke Sciberras (Wynne) and David Griggs (Archibald), are also sitters in the Archibald Prize.

The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes are major art awards run by the Art Gallery of New South Wales. All three awards are open competitions, meaning anyone who has been resident in Australia or New Zealand in the previous 12 months can enter.

2016 Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes

16 July – 9 August
Art Gallery of New South Wales

Courtesy the artists and the Art Gallery of New South Wales

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