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Your friend the enemy

Susan O’Doherty

Susan O’Doherty is a mixed media artist whose work ranges from large abstract paintings through to small mixed media assemblages as well as acrylic portraits.


O’Doherty’s practice, capsules of accumulated connections across time using ready-made forms, objects and items scavenged are collected and associatively re-presented.

In Letters Home, O’Doherty constructed an artwork using ink bottles to symbolise the soldiers as they scaled the rugged terrain of Gallipoli.  This work is dedicated to the New Zealand Anzac Alfred Cameron – and inspired by his last diary entry in May 1915. On 12th May 1915 he landed at Gallipoli where he saw action against the Turks.

Her paintings mark time through a more conventional pictorial equivalent to her central concerns, but sustain this persistent enquiry. As the artist states ‘this body of work relates to the passing of time, the ethereal nature of time, recollections, experiences – lives lived and awareness of mortality.

Image:Letters Home,  2014, mixed media assemblage (lead light windows, glass ink bottles, wood varnish and paint), 130 x 80 x 8cm
Courtesy the artist

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