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Your friend the enemy

Michael Nock

Michael Nock is a practicing artist primarily focusing on oil painting, his works are imbued with the deep emotion that is etched into the landscape of Gallipoli.


On his encounter with history in Gallipoli, Nock commented,“The Gallipoli trip had a stronger and deeper impact on me than I would have imagined at the outset. The landscape was beautiful. Greece in the far distance. Pristine beaches and spectacular coast line. Troy across the Dardanelles. Anzac Cove in front, Shrapnel Gully and the Sphinx above. But then the imagination kicked in. Machine guns on the high ground. Dysentery and death below. One could not separate out the history that lay buried beneath the serenity.

Ancient history stretching back to Helen and the beginning of western civilization, but more immediately the history of the battle for Gallipoli in the first world war, and the sacrifice and bravery of so many young Australians and New Zealanders. Some tomb stones bore inscriptions for 16, 17, 18  year old farm boys, 50 year old lawyers and accountants with families. The magnitude of the sacrifice and what little was really achieved at the end of the day was sometimes unbearable and certainly at odds with what we were looking at.”

He holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts from the Californian Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) and currently serves on the board of Trustees of Cal Arts. He is also involved in numerous community based art initiatives through a non-profit foundation he established in 2013.

Nock also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia, with over 35 years experience working in the financial services industry. In 2012 Nock acquired Art-Lease, the first company in Hong Kong to provide art-leasing services to corporations.

Image: Sphinx from Shrapnel Valley, 2014, oil on sealed paper,
Courtesy the artist

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