Vale Jim Cobb

This is intended to celebrate the extraordinary life of Jim Cobb, to pay our deepest respects to his family and to express our gratitude for his impact on the Australian art landscape and the numerous artists whose lives and careers were profoundly impacted by his influence. He will be remembered as a passionate supporter of artists and as a philanthropist whose generosity seemed boundless.

Jim’s commitment to the arts extended far beyond the walls of his paint manufacturing business. He recognized the struggles and challenges faced by aspiring artists, and he made it his mission to provide them with not just the materials required but the support and encouragement they needed to flourish. Countless artists can attest to Jim’s unwavering belief and support as he fostered the growth of emerging talents.

Jim Cobb is known not only as a supplier of high-quality paints but also as a patron of the arts. Jim established a variety of support platforms for young and talented individuals that would encourage their artistic pursuits. His passion for nurturing creativity led to partnerships with art schools and institutions, creating a network that empowered artists to thrive.

One of Jim’s most remarkable qualities was his understanding of the transformative power of art. He firmly believed that art had the ability to change lives, to bring communities together, and to inspire positive change. Jim’s commitment to these principles manifested in the numerous donations of artworks he made to institutions and his support of various art prizes and residencies.

Many museums, public galleries, and educational institutions have been enriched by Jim Cobb’s benevolence. His donations of artworks were not merely gestures of goodwill, they reflected his belief in the enduring impact of art on society. Jim understood that by contributing to the cultural fabric of communities everyone would benefit.

These donations were not limited to prestigious institutions but also extended to community centres, schools, and local art organizations. Jim believed in democratizing access to art, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or financial means, had the opportunity to experience the transformative power of creative expression.

Jim’s philanthropic efforts went beyond the gifting of artworks, and his donations were often accompanied by a desire to support art education. He recognized the importance of nurturing the next generation of artists, and through these contributions he aimed to create a world where artistic expression was not just a luxury but a fundamental aspect of the human experience.

We should remember him not only as a successful businessman and visionary but also as the generous soul who tirelessly championed the arts. His legacy is not just the company he built or the colours he created; it is also the countless lives he touched and the artistic landscapes he helped shape.

We should honour Jim’s memory by continuing his support for artists and the arts. As we move forward, we should be inspired by his generosity, kindness and dedication to making the world a more colourful and vibrant place for everyone. Jim’s spirit will live on in every artist he supported, and in the countless artworks he shared with the world. Let us hope that his legacy continues to inspire and illuminate the path for future generations of artists.

Mike Mitchell is the director of Mitchell Fine Art, Brisbane 

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