The White Room

With an exhibition name inspired by an album by KLF, Stanley Street's latest group exhibition curated by Sean Morris sets you up to expect the unexpected.

For a bit of context “The White Room” was the fourth and final studio album by British electronic music group KLF, released in March 1991. The KLF were famed for burning all the money they earned in a boat shed on Jura. And as the gallery points out – KLF – Kiln Load Fire! Intriguingly in 2017 (after 23 years) the KLF will be making a statement on why they burned all their money.

However on a more literal note, yes you can expect the theme of white to be a consistent tone throughout the exhibition. The works are linked by their pure tones, with the ceramics pared back to the sources of purity, ritual and light.

A strong showing of ceramicists, the expansive list of interstate and international artists includes Avi Amesbury, Tony Bond, Somchai Charoen, Alice Couttoupes, Lynda Draper, Merran Esson, Danica Firulovic, Vicki Grima, Shaun Hayes, Ingrid, Ruth Ju-Shih Li, Bronwyn Kemp, Chantal Labbe, Machiko Motoi, Cherie Peyton, Natalie Rosin, Simon Reece and Jo Wood.

For Machine Motoi, the artist takes a cross-disciplinary approach to art encompassing performance and ceramics. As the artist states “My art develops from the sequence of activities I perform at work…while I make my works, I am aware of my breathing, my body, the space, the sound, the pople and the relationships I encounter…The perfomative aspect of art making is integral to the objects I create. With this approach, I have taken the journey in producing a new, pure white ceramic for The White Room.”

Opening Wednesday 1 March The White Room is set to be a luminescent showing of diverse and leading ceramicists in their field.

The White Room | Contemporary Ceramics

Curated by Sean Morris
Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney
1 – 25 March 2017

Courtesy the artists and Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney

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