Teena McCarthy: Spit Hood

Celebrating the release of Teena McCarthy's book Bush Mary (Cordite, 2021), we share her poem 'Spit Hood,' originally published in Artist Profile Issue 52, with portraits by Saskia Wilson from Issue 47.

Oh, such a pretty picture 
this Kingdom of the Crown
A dark room
wearing a costume
packed in tight —
light horsemen hanging around. 

Aching bodies,
tormented souls
like vultures on a cloud —
Night becomes day,
day becomes night;
where time has no meaning
time slows down.

Oh, it’s getting dark in here, 
there is no sound.
Florescent lights flickering,
mozzies attacking
the stench and squirm of bodies, 
in chains they’re bound.

Sorry Kwementyaye,
I’m sorry.
When will they ever learn?
Oh, how life’s a privilege in the Crown.

Original Poem Teena McCarthy’16

Dedicated to all those held in detention & suffering deaths in custody.

This poem was originally published in Artist Profile, Issue 52, 2020.
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