Parlour Games

Plod plod park and bone


Drown deeply down

Viscous waste uncouth veritable thunderstruck, tree top errr …

Corduroy pine ads 


Ardent waistcoats

Westerly wander veer and left stream tear dun kneecap down

Argue act anon



Aver avere avare avevo un’anima

Bears bake in beer parks only/abrupt/petulant/paradise/dill pickle

Carpe diem, no cleaner fluid extract

Dead drunk and properly pickled

Everywhere and nowhere three metres apart

Fickle, fastidious

Go batter an eyelid

High hotel tea leaf spare fallen, ahoy, ahoy, captain ahoy

Walt Whitman alert, busy the Fifth Avenue paridesco


No nowhere: past ancient oaks the river sourly runs sour sourly down along  or cannibal on heat

Boil and trouble with kero undertaking

No heroes here, no abracadabra magic to yon ear, no hippo no himlet no Hamlet, Hannibal, Hercules or Hyacinthus stiff column disease identified 1972, a year for epidemics of all sorts

Marble tankards at every roadside stand striped beach umbrellas askew on shore 

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Sing a little song for me

Slingshots of misfortune

Oh Gods of Thin Hopes, a persevering angle beneath the weights machine, the linguaform resuscitation via the lungs, the plywood pulmonaries pulsating with fierce endeavour

A glimmer here a glimmer there anywhere, a spark, a sliver, a rancid call 

The spirit level rising and falling take your pick

Deliberate demonics, the open road, the lover’s comforting arm

The armchair of desire

A message sealed in a bloc of ice

A cantilevered opera straight from Beijing

Dish of delicious noodle

The dead dancer, expiry date 3 December

Lizard on the road, cortisone dead with guts hanging out

The awaiting lizard, turd in the hole

The barking gecko high up scuttles the white wall and no true relief

A branch expands our view the river plain and simple

Ba ba ba ba ba ga na da da da da da 

Message from Iceland

Reykjavik go cluck and expire deeply

No curtains, no dribble sales person

No hunky-dory

No tribal

No miniform polity

No morse code responses

Tango Lima Sierra, fish soup

Tin Can Bay

Hazardous rejoinders from the genetical past

Blue Elk Disease

A day tripper 


Portos Ingracias

Vertigo bites

Sonny Bill and Sarah Jane

Wells Fargo and Mongolian hot pot


Fiddle- fiddle-de gros


There was a path once where this path don’t won’t go

False lovers life livers

No livewire in these several quarters

The forbidden lifeboat

The minotaur at the Royal Exchange

The adventitious but fruitless encounter

Sparks fly!

Worms dance a secret dance in their wormhole

Brolgas parade 

Emus peck at papers and thin air

Cobar calling, Cobar

And the restless tirade of inert matter

Here at the two way: Yibekkan oba, yibekkan oba

Over and out

Bzzzz bzzzz bzzz

This poem was originally published in Artist Profile, Issue 46, 2019.

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