Out of the Ashes

When Red Cross volunteer Denise Straty returned from the bushfire-ravaged NSW South Coast earlier this year, she was determined to do something practical to lift the spirits of the region’s renowned art community. The result is 'Out of the Ashes' – an exhibition that refocuses attention on the ongoing hardships experienced by many South Coast artists, providing Sydney-siders with a practical way to directly help them rebuild their lives.

‘Out of the Ashes will showcase fifteen artists at Sydney’s The Wellington Gallery for three days. Some fifty works will be on display, across the mediums of painting, linocuts, ceramics, pottery and sculpture. All artworks will be available for purchase, with 100% of art sales going directly to participating artists.

For Denise, it was a case of yearning to help and believing that there was a lot of goodwill in Sydney to harness for such a cause. ‘I saw the devastation first-hand — people traumatised, shattered and doing it tough,’ she comments, ‘and on returning to Sydney, I was inspired to host an exhibition for South Coast artists who had been impacted by the fires.’

Denise continues, ‘This event is for these artists — to hopefully lift their spirits, give them a renewed sense of purpose and let them know that we genuinely care about their trauma and loss.’

In their quest to ensure that art sales go directly to the artists, Denise has pulled together a team of people across Sydney to work on a pro bono basis to put the exhibition together. From the The Wellington Gallery’s art space to the exhibition’s curation, everything is being donated so that the artists receive maximum benefit from the event.

Out of the Ashes
12–14 June 2020
The Wellington Gallery, Sydney

All works are for sale and 100% of sales go to the artists

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