John Wolseley: Land Marks III


This beautifully collated hard cover edition is an expansive survey of Wolseley’s practice and ongoing relationship with the Australian environment. Introducing Wolseley’s fascination, Sasha Grishin begins with an in-depth historical account of man’s challenging relationship with the wilderness in the attempt to illustrate, capture and evoke its true nature. As if on an artistic campaign, Wolseley immerses himself in the bush, breaking down the barriers between artist and nature.

Combining visual analysis and historical background, Sasha Grishin acts as the reader’s guide, analysing and piecing together Wolseley’s expansive practice. Including sketches and quasi scientific observations from his notebooks, Grishin invites you to get lost in the artistic wanderings of his practice. It is a careful balance of analysis by the author, while not losing the artist’s voice. Full-bleed images and up-close details of his works complement this biography of Wolseley’s life.

It is hard not to get swept up in the artist’s enduring passion as he goes walkabout in the bush. Marking him as artist, explorer and cartographer, there is no single description to understand Wolseley’s practice. Both the artist and Grishin shed light on his intrepid search for a language in which to express the wild beauty of the Australian landscape.

Author: Sasha Grishin

Publisher: Thames & Hudson
RRP: $80

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