Issue 63

Artist Profile acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land on which we work.


Some readers of Artist Profile would know that since the industrialisation of photography in the early nineteenth century, debates continue around painting versus photography — even whether a painter should reveal or conceal their reliance on photography. Clara Adolphs, Artist Profile cover artist does something else. After graduating from the University of New South Wales art school ten years ago she has used old black and white photographs to inspire paintings that are devoted to the idea of light. 

Naomi Hobson is careful to give her paintings, photographs, and ceramics a specific role. Naomi told Lydia Miller her ceramics are for “for ceremony and ritual, representing our stories,” her photography is focused on unsettling, fixed views about her Coen community in Far North Queensland and her paintings spiritually map her Country.

For those under forty, who see the Vietnam War as distant as World War I, Martin Stuart-Fox’s article on the renowned frontline photographer of the Vietnam War and other subsequent conflicts, Tim Page, will serve as an education. For those who lived through the Vietnam War, Martin’s story will be a reminder of the humanity among the horrors. It’s a beautifully written tribute of a friendship that began in 1963 in Laos. Martin’s tribute is the furthest Artist Profile has ever gone with the long form essay. After reading Martin’s essay you will understand why.

Another new experiment in this issue is the Artist-on-Artist column where an artist responds to another artist work in 300 words. Leonard Brown considers Chris Gaynor’s new ink work Long distance call, made six months ago when Leonard and Chris travelled through Europe.

In the last issue of Artist Profile, with Blak Douglas on the cover, I asked to receive your ideas about whether, “a magazine or book is somehow more contemplative than an online look.” Thank you to the many readers who sent replies. We will do everything we can to keep printing.

Between issues our community has farewelled artists Royston Harpur, Barry Humphries, and John Olsen. John appeared on the cover of Issue 55 of Artist Profile, Royston was featured in Issue 52. Barry Humphries will be remembered as a comedian, actor, author, and satirist: he was also a painter and a pioneer in Australian performance art.  We remember and acknowledge the contribution of these three artists to Australian culture. 

Kon Gouriotis




The Great Unwrapping by Ian Milliss


Clara Adolphs by Elli Walsh


Hossei by Beau Lai
Emma Coulter by Sophia Cai
Mika Utzon Popov by Pippa Mott
Naomi Hobson by Lydia Miller
Jess MacNeil by Judith Blackall
Jenny Bell by Anne Sanders
Fiona Somerville by Judith Pugh


POEM Erin Shiel
PROCESS Josh Foley
ESSAY Tim Page: a personal memoir by Martin Stuart-Fox
ESSAY Utopia Art, Sydney by Joe Frost
ESSAY Breathtaking Possibilities by Anne Loxley
PREVIEW Yvonne Boag’s All Over The Place by Courtney Kidd
PREVIEW Belinda Fox, Add It Up by Bridget Macleod
ARTIST ON ARTIST Chris Gaynor by Leonard Brown
REVIEW Awkward Visions: Melbourne Now by Roslyn Orlando
REVIEW Daniel Boyd’s RAINBOW SERPENT (VERSION) at the Gropius Bau, Berlin by Hili Perlson
REVIEW National Identity in The National by Aleks Wansbrough
REVIEW Flight by Tai Mitsuji
REVIEW Working the Waters by H.R. Hyatt-Johnston
REVIEW Suzanne Archer by Gillian Serisier
REVIEW Floating Land: Us and Them by Kevin Wilson
FILM You Can Go Now by Liam Keenan
BOOK Credo by Brooke Boland
DISCOVERY Janaki Peart and Bush Tings by Kon Gouriotis

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