Issue 61

Artist Profile acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land on which we work.


Australian artist Michael Butler asked nearly twenty years ago, “Why do people treat people the way they do? – the machinations of human interaction. My interest is neither prurient nor glib. Simply, I cannot comprehend brutality and I am intrigued to fathom its existence.” Michael’s paintings, collages, drawings, and installations were a testament to his fascination with observing humanity. And they unearthed a deeply sensitive man. Before his recent, sudden death he expressed a powerlessness in response to the eruption of crises throughout Australia and the world: environmental devastation, the pandemic, the Ukraine invasion . . . these all seem unyielding. What is more, they have exposed unsustainable economic systems everywhere. And escalated the cost of everything. Bandicoot Publishing, our company publishing Artist Profile magazine, is finding new ways to deal with these challenges.   

In the last issue of Artist Profile, I announced that we were presenting again as a major sponsor of Sydney Contemporary art fair 2022. I am delighted to report that we successfully partnered with Sydney Contemporary, Art Almanac magazine, and the independent curators 3:33 Art Projects to present a new concept where nine artists featured in both magazines were showcased: Bella Bruzzese, David Griggs, Heidi Yardley, India Mark, Mai Nguyễn-Long, Telly Tu’u, Reg Mombassa, and Zoe Young. The concept’s success was a positive moment to this unyielding crisis. Sydney Contemporary’s sales of $22 million support this feeling. 

Then the articles and images for issue 61 of Artist Profile came in and lifted our spirits again. There is a context to this crisis where artists such as Simryn Gill, this issue’s cover artist, have been making work to think independently, to see beyond the “echo chambers.” Anna Johnson’s profile on Gill is an important essay on an artist by an artist. 

I encourage you to read all the articles, as you will find artists contemplating optimistic alternatives to the crisis. You will be reminded why John Wolseley “avoids imposing ideas on the landscape,” why Susan Jacobs thinks “mishearing and misreading can be fruitful loopholes in communication,” and how the “intimate counterpoint” Kate Wallace describes helps her in crafting what is experienced. Or how TextaQueen’s reimaginings are a path to a fairer and happier world. 

To support Artist Profile through this unyielding crisis, just keep buying us or continue subscribing, perhaps even give a subscription – you never know, you might win this issue’s subscription prize, a drawing by Simryn Gill. 

Thank you once again to all those who support us to do better. 

Kon Gouriotis



Artists with Home Studios Denied Insurance by Penelope Benton


Simryn Gill by Anna Johnson


David Hayes by Kevin Wilson
Liam Benson by Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Simryn Gill by Anna Johnson
Susan Jacobs by Peter Hill
Nalini Malani by Kirtika Kain
John Wolseley by Elli Walsh
Kate Wallace by Pippa Mott
James Tylor by Jessyca Hutchens
TextaQueen by Andy Butler


POEM Luke Patterson
PROCESS Glenn Barkley
PROCESS Rebecca Agnew
ESSAY A Compendium of Riches by Ashley Crawford
ESSAY Minister of Hope by Judith Pugh

TRIBUTE Kaye Shumack by Brad Buckley
PREVIEW Queer Contemporary by Charli Pope
PREVIEW Flowing Everywhere and Always: Lindy Lee by Erin McFadyen
PREVIEW Vipoo Srivilasa: Fantastical Friends by Nikita Holcombe
PREVIEW Jacqueline Rose: Enigmagnetic by Erin McFadyen
PREVIEW Belem Lett: Walk the Line by Emma Finneran
PREVIEW Philip Noakes: Sculptural Silver by Ted Snell
REVIEW Peter Hudson: The mystery of being here by John Waldron
REVIEW Vivienne Binns: On and through the Surface by Ian Milliss
REVIEW What’s the Idea Here? Sol LeWitt: Affinities and Resonances by Aleks Wansbrough
REVIEW Joe Furlonger: Horizons by Gillian Wills
REVIEW The 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art by Hili Perlson

REVIEW Life is Art: Work say John Nixon from the Collection of Susan Taylor and Peter Jones by H.R. Hyatt-Johnston
BOOK The Mirror and the Palette: Rebellion, Revolution and Resistance: 500 Years of Women’s Self-Portraits by Brooke Boland
DISCOVERY Georgia Lucy by Lucy Hawthorne

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