Issue 60


Artist Profile acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land on which we work.


Without compromise, for the last forty years Waanyi artist Gordon Hookey has held a metaphorical mirror to himself and his work. Hookey makes work about the past and the future. His drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and installations speak to inhumanities, atrocities, violations, and injustices everywhere, especially those perpetrated against Indigenous Australians since the invasion of Australia. In interview with Lydia Miller, he compares experiences in Germany and Israel that changed him and his work. He invites us to make up our own minds: as he says to Miller, “I am an example of one person, and it has a familiarity with other blackfellas, I don’t represent anyone, we speak for ourselves.” His voice will undoubtedly contribute to the approaching constitutional referendum for First Nation Australians to have a Voice to Parliament.

After numerous Covid disruptions, Sydney Contemporary is happening – Australia’s largest art fair, and Artist Profile is again a major partner of Sydney Contemporary in 2022. For the first time we’re collaborating with Art Almanac to present our magazines within the context of a group exhibition for Sydney Contemporary. We have invited leading Australian independent curatorial team 3:33 Art Projects to curate the work of nine artists who have been featured in our magazines. The nine invited artists are Bella Bruzzese, David Griggs, Heidi Yardley, India Mark, Jasper Knight, Mai Nguyễn-Long, Telly Tu’u, Reg Mombassa, and Zoe Young.

Print has a different meaning for each of these nine artists, and 3:33 Art Projects has curated their work to examine the importance of printing in the Western tradition. The theme, Origins and Imagination, observes and quizzes the continuing virility of printing: the book, pamphlets, posters, magazines. Some of these artists grew up only with print. Others grew up only with the digital. All now work in an era of print and digital, and engage with print. Each artist brings a personal history and a different starting point to Origins and Imagination. We’re grateful to the artists, 3:33 Art Projects, and the galleries that represent the artists: Art Atrium, Chalk Horse, Egg & Dart, GAGPROJECTS | Greenaway Art Gallery, James Makin Gallery, Nicholas Thompson Gallery, and STATION.

Issue 60 of Artist Profile is another big edition. On behalf of the team, we’re proud to present to you the many Australasian artists, writers, and photographers, local and international, who are dedicated to the visual arts. In a time of dramatically escalating paper and distribution costs, we’re also indebted to those who support this magazine. The artworld needs a party, and we hope we will see you at Sydney Contemporary.

Kon Gouriotis



Blaze by H.R. Hyatt-Johnston and Erin McFadyen


Gordon Hookey by Lydia Miller


Mignon Steele by Emma Finneran
Amber Wallis by Brooke Boland
Gordon Hookey by Lydia Miller
Suji Park by Kirsty Baker
Paul Yore by Peter Hill
James Angus by Inga Walton
Mia Salsjö by Victoria Pham
Ryan Presley by Wes Hill
Kirsty Kross by Pippa Mott

Idris Murphy by Sasha Grishin


POEM Angela Malone
PROCESS Fernando do Campo
PROCESS Ara Dolatian
ESSAY Moss Manor by Emma-Kate Wilson
TRIBUTE Ken Whisson by Joe Frost
PREVIEW Gina Kalabishis by Victoria Hynes
PREVIEW Peter Godwin by Tai Mitsuji
PREVIEW Michael Snape by Paul McGillick
PREVIEW Cressida Campbell by Elli Walsh
PREVIEW Dani McKenzie by Ashley Crawford
PREVIEW Mary Tonkin by Inag Walton
REVIEW Catherine O’Donnell by Gillian Serisier
REVIEW Cementa22 by H.R. Hyatt-Johnston
REVIEW The 59th Venice Biennale by Hili Perlson
REVIEW documenta fifteen by Lucy Hawthorne
BOOK Gaga Aesthetics: Art, Fashion, Popular Culture and the Up-Ending of Tradition by Erin McFadyen
DISCOVERY Audrey Newton by Kathleen Linn

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