Issue 53


If you’re a stranger to Teelah George – this issue’s cover artist – the quickest way to enter her changing world is to read Elli Walsh’s deeply thoughtful profile. Walsh explains the artist’s remarkable emergence onto the scene, her paintings and embroideries, and her latest work in bronze. George has developed a new intelligence between established mediums, and an energy between them. And having just moved to Melbourne, (COVID-19 permitting) she will be returning to her hometown of Perth for a major solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in 2021.

Opposite this page is a tribute to the late Geoff Dyer, from the artist’s friend and dealer Steven Joyce, Director of Hobart’s Despard Gallery. I was somewhat surprised and deeply moved by Steven’s gesture. Surprised, as it is the first time I have been asked to publish a tribute in place of an ad in Artist Profile magazine. Just over a year ago Lucy Hawthorne visited Geoff’s studio for Artist Profile to write about two major shows, at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and at Despard Gallery. Lucy’s article is astute in its observation of the person and painter. At end of her article Lucy quotes Geoff: ‘If I hadn’t got sick, I probably would have kept going and flattened off a bit. I’m yet to hit my straps. This is a wonderful way to live your life.’ And so it was. Lucy’s article on Geoff can be read in issue 47 of Artist Profile.

In every issue of Artist Profile we remember one artist who made an important contribution to the art and our community. In this issue, musician, filmmaker and composer Troy Russell pays tribute to his mother, the late Elaine Russell. Elaine came to painting late but she quickly captivated viewers with her bold, colourful paintings which narrated experiences from her life in an alluringly indirect manner. Her paintings, like the artist herself, are impossible to forget.

As COVID restrictions are slowly loosening, Artist Profile is partnering with Michelle Munro of  Munro Arts & Events to launch a new series of public programs; specially curated behind-the-scenes studio, exhibition and collection tours. Please visit artistprofile.com to find out more.

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Always delighted with your support, I hope you find this issue a fascinating read. 

Kon Gouriotis



Lessons in Loss by Louella Hayes
Response to Anonymous Issue 52 by Charles Nodrum


Teelah George by Elli Walsh


A. D. Mather by Nur Shkembi
Timothy Cook by Rose Vickers
Teelah George by Elli Walsh
Newell Harry by Tai Mitsuji
Yhonnie Scarce by Susie Anderson
Joshua Yeldham by Eleanor Zecchin
Alex Seton by Pippa Mott
Nicole Ellis by Erin McFadyen
Arryn Snowball by Oscar Perry
Dhambit Mununggurr by Ashley Crawford
Stephen Little by Emma Finneran


PROCESS Micheila Petersfield
POEM Jazz Money
PROCESS  Nathan Hawkes
TRIBUTE Elaine Russell by Troy Russell
PREVIEW Tiwi Artists by Louise Martin-Chew
PREVIEW Shireen Taweel by Soo-Min Shim
PREVIEW Here + Now by Brooke Boland
PREVIEW The terra within by Brooke Boland
PREVIEW Paul Trefry by Adam Geczy
REVIEW Badger Bates & Justine Muller by Liv Spiers
REVIEW Khaled Sabsabi by Kon Gouriotis
REVIEW Ken Unsworth by Anna Johnson
BOOK A Companion to Curation  by Bruce Barber
DISCOVERY Siena Stubbs  by Jeremy Eccles

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