Issue 48

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There is a lot to experience in and beyond the pages of issue 48 of Artist Profile.

To begin with, we are delighted to be a major partner of this year’s Sydney Contemporary – Australia’s largest art fair. This partnership is our newest initiative in support of  ‘the artists behind the art’. We are showing this issue’s cover artist, Guo Jian, at the fair in ‘Living the Dream’, curated by Lauren Harvey and Campbell Robertson-Swann. These new paintings engage with traditional Song dynasty landscapes to interrogate the relationship between the disposability of celebrity and the destruction of minority cultures in China. Some of the paintings selected for the exhibition are featured in this issue.

Alongside Guo Jian’s project, the magazine’s forty-eight editions will be displayed, highlighting the hundreds of artists, writers and photographers we have featured. You will find us at booth G01.

I am also pleased Linda Jaivin was able to write Guo Jian’s profile, as she is one of Australia’s most respected critics on Chinese-Australian art and culture. Linda Jaivin will talk with Guo Jian at Sydney Contemporary on Saturday 14 September between 2:30 and 3:30 pm, about what Guo Jian calls China’s ‘rubbish culture’ and ‘culture of violence’ and how he reflects on them in his work. They’ll also discuss his installation The Meat and why, thirty years after Tiananmen Square, he won’t let go.

For many thousands of years the Barka (the Darling River) nourished the Barkantji peoples. Today the Barka has dried up, evoking another state-sanctioned, politically-driven, cultural genocide. Tara Callaghan’s profile on Barkantji Elder, Badger Bates, is an inspiring read about the river as a source of life and culture, and how his prints and carvings resonate messages for a healthier Barka future.

The artists in this issue examine a diversity of political and sociocultural perspectives within and beyond our community, which I hope will challenge, confront and inspire you.

– Kon Gouriotis


GUO JIAN by Linda Jaivin


WHITELEY OPERA by John McDonald 


INDIA MARK by Emma-Kate Wilson
GUO JIAN by Linda Jaivin
KAYLENE WHISKEY by Louise Martin-Chew
TOM POLO by Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung
SIMON DENNY by Elli Walsh
BADGER BATES by Tara Callaghan
PATRICK HALL by John McDonald
JOYCE CAMPBELL by Kirsty Baker
MICHAYE BOULTER by Lucy Hawthorne


PROCESS Emma Finneran
ESSAY ‘Social Media + Art’ by Erin McFadyen
INTERVIEW Elizabeth Ann Macgregor by Kon Gouriotis
ESSAY ‘Burnrate of the Contemporary’ by Scott Redford
POEM Zidane by Oscar Perry
TRIBUTE Roger Kemp by Jan Senbergs
PREVIEW Daan Roosegaarde by Louella Hayes
PREVIEW Amber Wallis by Kevin Wilson
PREVIEW Aida Tomescu by Eleanor Zeichner
REVIEW Desert Painters of Australia by Lucy Stranger
REVIEW Marcel Duchamp by Tom Loveday
REVIEW The Housing Project by Ann Finnegan
REVIEW Kim Guthrie by Ian Were
FILM John Kaldor by John McDonald
DISCOVERY Grace Blake by Soo-Min Shim


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