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Artist Profile partner with Arthouse Gallery to present I AM HERE artist panel

Saturday March 6 2021, 3pm



In the leadup to International Women’s Day, Artist Profile magazine partners with Arthouse Gallery to present Katherine Hattam in conversation with Jo Bertini and Harriet Morgan (Military Position). Chaired by Jan Fran, this panel opens Arthouse’s group exhibition I AM HERE: 40 Women Shaping The Australian Visual Landscape, curated by artist Katherine Hattam.

Extending the conversation around women’s contributions to – and position within – Australian cultural, social, and political life, the show and panel map a path towards equal voice, equal respect, equal opportunity, and equal recognition for women artists. I AM HERE delights in the diversity of women’s practice, identity, and experience in the Australian arts landscape, comprising the work of 40 intergenerational artists from around the nation. 

The panel I AM HERE: 40 Women Shaping the Australian Visual Landscape runs from 3pm on Saturday March 6. Limited ticketed seating is available for the in-person event at Arthouse Gallery, Sydney, and the event will be videoed and later posted on our website. 

Date: Saturday March 6 2021, 3pm

Location: Arthouse Gallery, 66 McLauchlan Avenue, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011

Exhibiting artists: Jo Bertini, Sarah Brasier, Nadine Christensen, Renee Cosgrave, Matilda Davis, Kate Dorrough, Samantha Everton, Belinda Fox, Leah Fraser, Adrienne Gaha, Jemi Gale, Jennifer Goodman, Julia Gorman, Katherine Hattam, Susan Hawkins, Christine Healy, Fiona Hiscock, Naomi Hobson, Kate Just, Nicole Kelly, Ellen Koshland, Jenna Lee, Moya McKenna, Marlee McMahon, Harriet Morgan, Kendal Murray, Jahnne Pasco-White, Sonia Payes, Regina Pilawuk Wilson, Clare Rae, Elvis Richardson, Julia Stewart, Robyn Sweaney, Emily Isabel Taylor, Nat Thomas, Victoria Torodov, Michelle Ussher, Isadora Vaughan, Emma Walker, Alice Wormald.

Ticket Price: Free, both in person and online.