Helen Gory Galerie @ MOP!

Chris Aerfeldt, 2011, Her Dizziness Grew, oil on canvas, 180 x 205cm

For the first time, Helen Gory Galerie is set to exhibit in Sydney this September, which will present a handful of their represented artists: Chris Aerfeldt, Abbey McCulloch, Tim Moore, Luisa Rossitto, Carmel Seymour, Jacqui Stockdale and Lorene Taurerewa.

The group exhibition will highlight the dynamic practices of this diverse group of artists. Their works are underpinned by a sense of contrast and contradiction. Nothing is quite what it seems. Hyper- realism sits aside other-worldliness; the smug certainty of reason and science questions the mythology and spirituality of artistic practice; past and present collide and intersect; and firm lines waiver and blur, in works that are rich with complexity and embodied meaning.

Each artist mines and processes their surroundings, weaves their own story into the contemporary fabric of art history, folklore and culture to explore notions of identity and power.

Each artist in this exhibition has a strong critical and commercial following. This will be Helen Gory Galeries’ first foray into the Sydney scene in its 16 year history of exhibitions, further showcasing their artists on the walls of renowned gallery space MOP.


Helen Gory Galerie in Sydney

8 Sep to 25 Sep 2011

MOP Projects

2/39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale



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