Facial at TCB Art Inc.

Portraiture artists Matthew Hopkins, Mary MacDougall and Tom Polo have a common thread running through their individual practices: an interest in celebrating subjects undergoing visual transformations. Working across varied mediums and stylistic agendas, Hopkins, MacDougall and Polo produce portraits suspended between abstraction and simple representational forms.

At the core of  Matthew Hopkins’ current body of work are ideas of transcendence, the grotesque and the absurd. The artists’ work moves audiences beyond traditional portraiture by engaging with the unknown, illogical narratives, and distortions of the human form. Painting on ceramic tiles and glass, Mary MacDougall explores the physicality of paint and subjects in transition. Investigating existentialism’s most central theme  – the human condition – Tom Polo’s portraits reflects on notions of anxiety, failure, and the pursuit for desired outcomes.

Tom Polo, Jar Head (Turning), 2012, ink on paper, 29 x 21cm. Courtesy the artist

Facial is a though provoking exhibition that asks audiences to reconsider stagnant ideas of portraiture by self-consciously reflecting upon the plight of subjects and over lapping approaches to portraiture through painting, drawing and installation.

Facial opens at TCB art inc. on 11 July and runs until 28 July.

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