Belinda Fox: Ukraine Fundraiser

Belinda Fox offers unique prints to Artist Profile readers for a special price, with 100% of proceeds donated to a family displaced by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Two unique prints by Belinda Fox – printed with Trent Walter – have been generously made available to Artist Profile readers at AUD $1500, with 100% of the proceeds donated to a family displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. 

Fox has kindly donated these prints to assist the family of her Ukrainian friend, Alena, whom she knew while living in the Netherlands some years ago. Fox writes: “Alena is the kindest, most positive person I know. She returned home to have her dear child four years ago. They were happy in Ukraine. They tried hard to stay at the borders while the war started but it got too dangerous; her son, sister, and children fled, leaving behind family. Alena is like every Ukrainian now – their whole world has been pulled out from under their feet. Everything they owned, loved, cherished, is or might be lost. Until the war ends they are displaced, and just trying to survive. The money from these sales will help her family and, I think, let her know how much people care about her. That is powerful.”

To purchase or enquire, contact Belinda at info@belindafox.com.au

Please note that these are unique prints and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Unframed postage is covered for Australian addresses only.
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