Amy Lee Sanford: Cascade


Encountering the foreign landscapes of historic Hill End in NSW, Cambodian artist Amy Lee Sanford explores the fine line between the familiar and unfamiliar in her latest exhibition. Living in a wholly different environment as part of her one-month residency, the artist’s practice visually broke down the process of how notions of the foreign are made known, both internally and externally, personally and interpersonally. This gradual encounter with the new and unfamiliar inspired the title of series Unfolding.

Intimate and reflective, this exhibition promises to reveal intriguing insights into how we interact with the strange and new.

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, NSW

27 November 2015 – 31 January 2016

Amy Lee Sanford, Full Circle, Day 5 N.D., digital image of the durational performance Full Circle, consisting of the artist breaking and repairing 40 Cambodian clay pots, before returning the transformed clay pot to the circle.
Image courtesy of the artist and Bathurst Regional Gallery, Bathurst.

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