Lights, camera, action! Video art lights up Melbourne Central

Whether you are a commuter, shopper, art enthusiast or unlikely art goer, the introduction of Melbourne Central Art Loop is bringing video art to you.

This year, 30 March, Melbourne Central is launching its first exhibition in a new, permanent space – Australia’s largest installation of video art on display outside of an institution. The Melbourne Central Art Loop is a curated exhibition of colourful and interactive video art running simultaneously on 15 LCD screens and 5 projector portals located through the precinct’s Lower Ground Level.

Curated by Andy Dinan from MARS Gallery, the inaugural exhibition includes artworks by more than 30 internationally renowned, emerging and established Australian artists. One of a kind, it is set to be a platform for emerging artists, as well as to further project the careers of established artists into the public eye. “It’s rare in Australia for video art to come to life on such a large scale and we’re extremely proud to be partnering with Melbourne Central to pioneer this experimental and global art form in our city,” said Dinan.

The exhibition will rotate 30 artists, providing ample coverage of the artists and their diverse works. Aiming to draw in the public, Dinan commented, “We’ve curated a wide and diverse range of cutting-edge video works that are designed to intrigue and inspire.”

On a global level, one participating Art Loop artist will be selected to win a trip to LOOP Barcelona 2017 – the biggest international festival for video art.

“We are aiming to not only collaborate with and support the Australian art community but also give our artists the opportunity to be showcased on a global level to ensure ongoing cultural exchange,” said Dunn.

Drawing the works out of the artist’s studios and the institutions, the initiative by Melbourne Central and Andy Dinan is a welcome large-scale space to bring contemporary video art into the public eye.

For the art enthusiast or the weary-eyed shopper, all are invited to attend the opening night on Wednesday 30 March, see details below.


Mari Adams | James Base | Kieran Boland | Emily Yuting Chen | Erin Coates | Martine Corompt | Martha Ackroyd Curtis | Jesse Delmo | Annie Edney | Simon Finn | Robert Hague | Ian Haig | Stephen Haley | Tristan Jalleh | Megan Keating | Patrick Kelly | Cameron May | Natasha Manners | Donna McRae | John Power and Joanne Mott | Simon Pericich |Hannah Raisin | Diego Ramirez | Nina Ross | Sarah Rudledge | Jane Safarian |Rachel Schenberg | Sonia Sierra | Debbie Symons | Luhsun Tan | Brie Trenerry | Adele Varcoe & Robin Hely | Stanton Cornish Ward | Tazkia Welong | Anne Scott Wilson | Shaun Wilson

Melbourne Central Art Loop 
31 March to 31 July, 2016
Lower Ground, Melbourne Central (enter via Lonsdale Street)

Images courtesy the artists.

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