Keith Armstrong | Over Many Horizons

With National Science Week hitting the country, Keith Armstrong's exhibition is perfectly timed. Using art to push perspectives beyond their comfort zones, Over Many Horizons is an immersive exhibition that pushes thought towards envisaging sustainable futures. 

Over Many Horizons is open-ended, asking the audience to consider how we might re-imagine our place and actions to suit an environmentally sustainable world. With a range of media, audiences navigate the works non-linearly – encountering robotically controlled kinetic light works, telescopic tunnels and pulsing, ambiguous surfaces.

Explaining the series, Armstrong states, “each work in Over Many Horizons embodies a deep reflection upon the ‘ecological mesh’ – those myriad, binding relationships that profoundly entangle everything and everybody. In the lives we lead nothing acts alone. While we may choose to misunderstand or deny ecology, we can never avoid the effects of its gradual destruction.

Without resorting to confrontation or accusation I have created five works that each seek to encourage dialogues around differing aspects of this ecological mesh that we urgently need to come to know.”

With a series of talks scheduled, Over Many Horizons is a catalyst for conversation. Join the Lunchtime Talk and discuss with Armstrong the research and philosophy behind his exhibition. And Thursday evening the panel brings together theorists, artists and design thinkers to engage the big questions – if science can only do so much – what kind of help can the arts bring now, and consequently what new kinds of practitioners do we need to train and evolve?

The speakers include Tania Leimbech (Chair) UTS, Institute for Sustainable Futures, Keith Armstrong QUT Creative Industries, William Gladstone, UTS School of Sciences and Jeremy Walker UTS, Social Enquiry Program.

Bold and challenging, make sure to attend the stimulating discussions in this revealing exhibition of the relevatory combined forces of art and science.

Lunchtime Talk
When Options Run Out, What Can Art Do?
1 – 2pm, Wednesday, 17 August
UTS Gallery

Panel Discussion
New Horizons: Art For Complex Times

6 – 7pm, Thursday, 18 August
UTS Gallery 

Keith Armstrong | Over Many Horizons
Until 23 September
UTS Gallery 

Courtesy the artist and UTS Gallery, Sydney.

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